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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Power, Flooding and a Garage Sale

Wow, what a week!

This Thurs, Fri, Sat I had my annual garage sale with my friend Jeff.  Thursday at the sale went great.  Great people watching, relaxing in the sun, warm and humid, got rid of a lot of stuff.
Then, it stormed Thursday night.  I lost power, and so did the majority of my city.  But, the sale must go on!

Friday night, some even more serious storms came through.  60+ mph winds, almost 3 inches of rain in about an hour, I couldn't even see my grass because the water was piling up so quick.

I have never seen damage in my neighborhood like this!  Trees are down everywhere, my neighbors tree was struck by lightning, our basement flooded, a giant tree branch fell on our roof and water is leaking into my kitchen cupboards, stop lights are out, so roads are backed up.  It is crazy!

Today we cancelled the garage sale, since no one had power, and there were so many trees down people probably couldn't get to us if they wanted to.  We were just about to bring 6 huge bags of clothes to the thrift store to donate when some neighbors came over and took them all to send to a charity in Africa.  We didn't have to haul the bags of clothes, and other people will benefit from it.  Good news for everyone.

Now that we finally have power again, I need to start making so fun items for Teachers Pay Teachers.  I am trying to build up my store before the Back-to-School rush!

I think I have had enough rain for a while...........


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