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Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Made It

It's time for Monday Made It!  Today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It to share something fun (and easy) I made for my classroom over the weekend.

Classroom Memory Jar

1 clear paint bucket (I got mine at Michaels.  They are normally about $7, but I used my 50% off coupon and got it for around $3.50
1 roll wrapping paper- I found this fun pattern at Michael's for $1.50
Glitter ribbon- yep, another find at Michael's, I think it was $1.00

Total Spent = about $6.00

This project was SO easy, I think it only took about 30 minutes start to finish.

First I cut the wrapping paper to fit the inside of the can, leaving a little overlap to seal the ends together.

Then I hopped on my computer and typed up the "Memory Jar" label.  I found a fun font, changed the colors to match my flower paper design, and printed it out on white card stock.

Now it is time to put all the pieces together:

Cut and glue the green glitter ribbon around the edges of the "Memory Jar" label.

Use double sided tape to tape the label onto the wrapping paper, then slip the wrapping paper inside the paint can.  

Put some double sided tape on the overlapping edge of the wrapping paper to seal it shut.

My memory jar!

My students saw it sitting on my desk today, and when I went over the days schedule, and asked if anyone had any questions about the schedule, someone raised their hand and asked "what is that memory jar on your desk for?".

I plan to write down daily class memories as they happen (and have the kids jot down memories too) on small slips of paper and put them into the jar.  On the last day of school I will open up the jar and read all of the memories together with the class.  I think it will be a fun way to look back on our year together and remember some of the things we may have forgotten about.  Next year I will have this memory jar ready for the start of the year, so we can start collecting memories on day 1!

What do you do to remember little memories with your class at the end of the year?  I would love to hear about your last day of school traditions and special things you do with your class!

For even more Monday Made It ideas, head on over to 4th Grade Frolics!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stitch Fix #1- March 2015

I couldn't resist.....  After seeing so many posts about others who have tried Stitch Fix I had to give it a try myself.

I filled out the survey online, which wasn't too time consuming.  Lots of questions about likes/dislikes in style and what kinds of things I am looking for to add to my closet.

I scheduled my first fix for the end of March because I knew I would be on spring break then and I felt like it was a little reward for myself over break.

Before my box arrived I did many Google searches for Stitch Fix reviews.  Some were good, some not so good, so I was a little hesitant about actually getting (and opening) my box.  Would I like it, would it be worth the $20 styling fee (which can be deducted from any item(s) you end up purchasing), would I get items that are different than everything else I already own....  I have read on many other blogs that it sometimes takes several "Fixes" for your "Stylist" to really understand your style and get to know your likes/dislikes.

I was really hoping I would like the items my stylist picked out for me, I was actually nervous to open the box.  (yeah, I know, ridiculous!)  
I must say, my stylist (Natalie) did an amazing job with my first Fix!!

Here is a summary of what I got in my box and what I kept/sent back.

Item #1-  Pixley Palacio Abstract Print Colorblock Tank
I have a really hard time picking out patterned tops for myself.  When I pulled this item from the box, my first thought was that I loved the pattern, and of course the bright pink!  Almost all of my tank tops are your basic stretchy solid color tanks. (practical, but kind of boring)   I do not have anything like this in my closet.  I was excited to try it on, and was not disappointed once I did!  This tank is perfect!  I love the pattern, but I also love the fit.  It is flowey (is that a word??) but also has some structure to it.  I always have a hard time with armholes being to tight and this tank did not have that problem.  The neckline was also appropriate, something I would not be hesitant to wear to work in the classroom.
Verdict-  KEEP!
I knew I would be keeping this the second I put it on.  I would have never picked this out from a store rack so it is fun to have received something unique that is very different than everything else I have.  I think this could easily be worn in spring/summer on its own and in the cooler months with a cardigan over it.  I love when clothes can be worn many different ways!

Item #2-  41Hawthorn Filbert Abstract Striped Henley Blouse

This is a flowey blouse made of a kind of sheer material, so a tank/cami is necessary underneath.  The pattern in a royal/navy blue color (it doesn't show too well in the picture).  I have a hard time with blouse like shirts, they never seem to fit right, they are usually too baggy or too tight in the arms....  I just stay away from them.   I liked the looks of this one, so I was hopeful it would actually look good once I tried it on.
Verdict-  KEEP!
I love that this blouse is flowey, yet also has some structure to it so it is not like a big balloon on me.  The pattern is nice and it is lightweight which is perfect for spring/summer.  This blouse has potential to be dressy or casual, which I appreciate!

Item #3-  London Times Uma Printed Dress

I really wanted to love this dress.  I liked the pattern and the structure of the dress.  The style card that came with it showed how to wear it casual and more dressed up.  I am a huge fan of dresses, and could see myself wearing this one with a variety of different accessories for a pop of color.

Verdict-  Sent back
While I loved this dress when I took it out of the box, it did not fit me well.  The neckline was tight and the armholes were way too tight.  I don't have abnormal arms, but for some reason I seem to have a really hard time finding clothes that aren't tight around my upper arms/shoulders.  I also have a ton of black and white in my closet already, so I don't really need any more.

Item #4-  Bancroft Tricia Clover Charm Layering Necklace

I typically do not spend very much on accessories, I tend to get basics I can wear for a long time and then go the cheap route for the trendy items that I might get bored with quickly.
 I limited my Stitch Fix jewelry possibilities to necklaces.
I was pleased to see this one in my first shipment!

Verdict-  KEEP!
I like silver jewelry and I like the simplicity (yet uniqueness) of this necklace.  The style card showed a couple of ways to wear this necklace, and I think I have a lot of items in my closet that it would pair well with.

Item #5-  Margaret M Emer Polka Dot Tall Straight Leg Pant
It is hard to see, but these pants have a very subtle polka dot pattern, which I thought was super fun!  When I went to try them on I looked everywhere for the zipper, and there wasn't one!  That was when I realized these were pull on pants.  I was curious.....  I really like look of these pants, and when I first put them on the fabric felt comfortable and stretchy, yet dressy.  I like that they aren't just plain old basic black pants, the subtle dots are a nice detail!

Verdict-  Sent Back-  I really wanted to love these pants.  When I tried them on they were too long to wear with flat shoes, but too short to wear with heels.  These are high waisted pants, which I surprisingly kind of liked, but the waist/stomach area was too big.  I would love to try these pants again if they come in a smaller size.  I think they would be very comfortable and versatile if they fit correctly.

Overall, I think my stylist really sent me an awesome box!  I loved everything when I first took the items out of the box.
I initially thought I would be keeping all 5 items.
I ended up keeping 3 items.
I only sent the dress and pants back because of fit issues.  I am excited to actually wear the new items and try them out with some of the items I already have in my closet.

One of my favorite things in the Stitch Fix box is the style card.  For each item they send they have a card showing the item paired with other things that can make it more casual or dressy.  I have a hard time visualizing what can go with different things, so I really appreciate the style card.

Will I try Stitch Fix again?  YES!  I have already signed up to receive Fix #2 in April.  I can't wait to see what goodies I receive next time!

Are you interested in trying Stitch Fix?  Click on the link to learn more!