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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stitch Fix #1- March 2015

I couldn't resist.....  After seeing so many posts about others who have tried Stitch Fix I had to give it a try myself.

I filled out the survey online, which wasn't too time consuming.  Lots of questions about likes/dislikes in style and what kinds of things I am looking for to add to my closet.

I scheduled my first fix for the end of March because I knew I would be on spring break then and I felt like it was a little reward for myself over break.

Before my box arrived I did many Google searches for Stitch Fix reviews.  Some were good, some not so good, so I was a little hesitant about actually getting (and opening) my box.  Would I like it, would it be worth the $20 styling fee (which can be deducted from any item(s) you end up purchasing), would I get items that are different than everything else I already own....  I have read on many other blogs that it sometimes takes several "Fixes" for your "Stylist" to really understand your style and get to know your likes/dislikes.

I was really hoping I would like the items my stylist picked out for me, I was actually nervous to open the box.  (yeah, I know, ridiculous!)  
I must say, my stylist (Natalie) did an amazing job with my first Fix!!

Here is a summary of what I got in my box and what I kept/sent back.

Item #1-  Pixley Palacio Abstract Print Colorblock Tank
I have a really hard time picking out patterned tops for myself.  When I pulled this item from the box, my first thought was that I loved the pattern, and of course the bright pink!  Almost all of my tank tops are your basic stretchy solid color tanks. (practical, but kind of boring)   I do not have anything like this in my closet.  I was excited to try it on, and was not disappointed once I did!  This tank is perfect!  I love the pattern, but I also love the fit.  It is flowey (is that a word??) but also has some structure to it.  I always have a hard time with armholes being to tight and this tank did not have that problem.  The neckline was also appropriate, something I would not be hesitant to wear to work in the classroom.
Verdict-  KEEP!
I knew I would be keeping this the second I put it on.  I would have never picked this out from a store rack so it is fun to have received something unique that is very different than everything else I have.  I think this could easily be worn in spring/summer on its own and in the cooler months with a cardigan over it.  I love when clothes can be worn many different ways!

Item #2-  41Hawthorn Filbert Abstract Striped Henley Blouse

This is a flowey blouse made of a kind of sheer material, so a tank/cami is necessary underneath.  The pattern in a royal/navy blue color (it doesn't show too well in the picture).  I have a hard time with blouse like shirts, they never seem to fit right, they are usually too baggy or too tight in the arms....  I just stay away from them.   I liked the looks of this one, so I was hopeful it would actually look good once I tried it on.
Verdict-  KEEP!
I love that this blouse is flowey, yet also has some structure to it so it is not like a big balloon on me.  The pattern is nice and it is lightweight which is perfect for spring/summer.  This blouse has potential to be dressy or casual, which I appreciate!

Item #3-  London Times Uma Printed Dress

I really wanted to love this dress.  I liked the pattern and the structure of the dress.  The style card that came with it showed how to wear it casual and more dressed up.  I am a huge fan of dresses, and could see myself wearing this one with a variety of different accessories for a pop of color.

Verdict-  Sent back
While I loved this dress when I took it out of the box, it did not fit me well.  The neckline was tight and the armholes were way too tight.  I don't have abnormal arms, but for some reason I seem to have a really hard time finding clothes that aren't tight around my upper arms/shoulders.  I also have a ton of black and white in my closet already, so I don't really need any more.

Item #4-  Bancroft Tricia Clover Charm Layering Necklace

I typically do not spend very much on accessories, I tend to get basics I can wear for a long time and then go the cheap route for the trendy items that I might get bored with quickly.
 I limited my Stitch Fix jewelry possibilities to necklaces.
I was pleased to see this one in my first shipment!

Verdict-  KEEP!
I like silver jewelry and I like the simplicity (yet uniqueness) of this necklace.  The style card showed a couple of ways to wear this necklace, and I think I have a lot of items in my closet that it would pair well with.

Item #5-  Margaret M Emer Polka Dot Tall Straight Leg Pant
It is hard to see, but these pants have a very subtle polka dot pattern, which I thought was super fun!  When I went to try them on I looked everywhere for the zipper, and there wasn't one!  That was when I realized these were pull on pants.  I was curious.....  I really like look of these pants, and when I first put them on the fabric felt comfortable and stretchy, yet dressy.  I like that they aren't just plain old basic black pants, the subtle dots are a nice detail!

Verdict-  Sent Back-  I really wanted to love these pants.  When I tried them on they were too long to wear with flat shoes, but too short to wear with heels.  These are high waisted pants, which I surprisingly kind of liked, but the waist/stomach area was too big.  I would love to try these pants again if they come in a smaller size.  I think they would be very comfortable and versatile if they fit correctly.

Overall, I think my stylist really sent me an awesome box!  I loved everything when I first took the items out of the box.
I initially thought I would be keeping all 5 items.
I ended up keeping 3 items.
I only sent the dress and pants back because of fit issues.  I am excited to actually wear the new items and try them out with some of the items I already have in my closet.

One of my favorite things in the Stitch Fix box is the style card.  For each item they send they have a card showing the item paired with other things that can make it more casual or dressy.  I have a hard time visualizing what can go with different things, so I really appreciate the style card.

Will I try Stitch Fix again?  YES!  I have already signed up to receive Fix #2 in April.  I can't wait to see what goodies I receive next time!

Are you interested in trying Stitch Fix?  Click on the link to learn more!

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