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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Revolutionary War Battle Posters

Learning about the American Revolution is a big part of our 5th grade social studies curriculum.  Our textbook, however, barely even mentions the battles that took place during the Revolutionary War.

I noticed that my students were thinking that the Revolutionary War was simply one fight, and after that it was done.  Whoa!  Alright, time to delve more deeply into how long this war really lasted, how many people were involved, and how many battles actually took place during this time.

I gave my students a list of some of the battles that took place during the Revolutionary War.  I chose battles that I knew kids would be able to find information on.  Each student chose a battle and then did research to find the following information

  • name of the battle
  • date(s) of the battle
  • location of the battle
  • how many people fought on each side
  • how many people were wounded or killed on each side
  • how many people were captured on each side
  • the weather conditions during the battle
  • other information that you learn about the battle that you find interesting
I found a great website that neatly outlines most of this information.
I let me students search a little before giving them this treasure trove of information!

Their assignment was to show the information about the battle they researched on a poster.  It had to be colorful, neat, and include all of the information I mentioned above.  

Here are some examples of the finished projects:

By researching the battles, making the posters, and sharing their posters with their classmates, my students really got a better understanding of the many people, locations, and battles that were a part of this war.

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