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Monday, February 9, 2015

14 Ways to use Task Cards

I LOVE using task cards with my class!  They are such a versatile way to practice and review concepts.  Plus, it can get the kids up and moving.  My students are very engaged when working on task cards, and I overhear some great discussions going on when my kids work together to solve a card.  Movement, engagement, and student discussion....what more could I ask for!

 I I have come up with 14 different ways that I , and you,  can use task cards with your class. 

  1. As a whole group-  hang the cards on the wall and have kids circulate and answer each card.
  2. As a math center/math rotation-  have the task cards at one of the small group areas.  Kids can work together or independently to solve each card.  You can put a whole set of cards out at once, or put several different ones out each day.
  3. As homework-  send a set of cards home with a child that needs extra practice with this skill
  4. As enrichment-  use these task cards for your “above level” kids-  they can be a homework activity, in class activity, part of a contract for individual work, a “I’m finished, now what do I do?” etc…
  5. As a small group teaching tool-  introduce the concept with a small group and go through the task cards together to provide guided practice
  6. In pairs-  have students quiz each other or complete and correct each others work
  7. As game questions-  quiz show games, relay games, board games, card games and more!
  8. As a scavenger hunt- post the questions around the room in more “hidden” places.  Kids have to find and solve each card
  9. To start class- have a task card displayed on the board when kids arrive for them to start working on right away
  10. Test Review-  have kids practice the skill featured on the task card on the day(s) before a unit test
  11. As an exit slip-  have students complete one task card as an informal assessment at the end of class.
  12. As a part of your interactive math notebook-  photocopy a task card for the students to glue into their notebooks.  They can solve the problem right under the glues in problem, and also use the area to take notes as you introduce new concepts!
  13.  RAP (read, answer, pass)-  kids sit in a circle, each with a different card.  When you say “go” they read their card, answer it on their answer sheet and wait for you to say “pass” (then they pass it to their neighbor).  This works well with vocabulary task cards that the kids can read and solve quickly.  When I use this structure with vocabulary I usually give the kids 30 seconds for each card.
  14. Relay game-  create “teams” with your students.   Print multiple copies of a task card set, or split a set up into equal piles for each team you make.  For the relay one person in each group must run/walk to a specified area, grab a card, and bring it back to their group.   They need to answer the card as a group, and then check with the teacher to see if it is correct.  If it is correct, they send another teammate to get a new card to solve.  If it is incorrect, they must continue working on the card together as a team until it is correct.  You can make the goal to be first team to finish all their cards, to solve the most cards correctly in ___ minutes,  or any other set up that works for your class!
I hope you found a new way to use task cards with your class.  Do you have any additional ways you use task cards in your class?  Leave a comment, I would love to hear your ideas!

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