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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Greek and Latin Word Roots

A few years ago I started teaching spelling and vocabulary built around greek and latin word roots.  I pulled together bits and pieces of resources, ideas, information from everyplace I could find and finally created my own resource that I knew would work well with my students.  These resources have really increased my students ability to figure out the spelling and meaning of new words, and increased their vocabulary.

I wanted to focus on several roots each week, so I created word lists focused around several roots around the same theme.  I made two different lists using the same roots, one a bit more challenging than the other.   I was very pleased with how my students responded to the word lists and learning word roots.    This was my first Greek and Latin resource in my TpT store, and is one of my best sellers!

This fall I wanted to expand the activities I did each week with the word lists to help my students remember the roots, their meanings, and also the meanings of the words on the lists.  I created an interactive notebook so that the kids would have a resource with all the roots and words they learned and well as a place to collect other words they came across with the same roots.  This has been a very popular activity with my class each week!  It allows them to be creative, and they love that!

Finally, what classroom could be complete without a word wall????  Based on the traditional sight word wall used in many primary classrooms, I created a Word Root Wall for the big kids!  The colorful cards brighten up my room and are a great visual to remind the kids what the roots mean.


I put together a free sample of these three products that includes resources for the roots bene, bon and mal.  The freebie includes two spelling lists, interactive notebook pages and word wall cards.  

Click on the image to download this freebie from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

What are some activities or games you have done to teach vocabulary?

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