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Monday, August 17, 2015

Slope- Stained Glass Window Project

This past year I had a group of math students who really loved to be creative and especially loved to color!  

So, when we were learning about slope in class I wanted some kind of creative project for my students to do where they could show their knowledge in a way that was more creative than a worksheet or quiz!

I searched around on the internet and Pinterest, and saw several versions of the slope stained glass window project, but none of them really fit the specific needs I had for my class.  

So...I made my own version of this project so I could include everything I needed,  and it is now in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

In this project students had to choose several linear equations from a list and create a table of values that they plugged in to the equations to create x and y coordinates for each line.

They also determined the slope of each line, whether the slope was positive, negative, zero or undefined, and x and/or y intercepts.

Then they had to graph the lines on graph paper.  Each line needed to be labeled with the corresponding equation.

Bring on the colors!  I gave my students free range on what they used to add color to their design.  Crayons, colored pencils, markers, chalk....anything they wanted.  I encouraged them to put together a nice color scheme to make their final product visually appealing.

I created a 4 point rubric to grade the finished projects.  The kids had this rubric right away, so they knew exactly what they needed to do to get the highest grade.  I also a couple examples and had them use the rubric to determine a grade for each project.  I have found that giving the students a rubric and having them apply it to a sample project really helps them to see what high quality work looks like.

My class LOVED this project!  Here are some of their finished projects!

I love doing projects with my math students!  Giving students another way to show what they know and actually apply the skills to a project (not just a worksheet) really hooks my students interest!

If you like this project, it is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

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