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Monday, August 10, 2015

Stitch Fix #5- July 2015 (Part 1)

It's Stitch Fix time!  
I decided to increase the Stitch Fix fun this month by scheduling 2 fixes!  
Yep- 2 fixes in one month!  

Here is a little sneak peak at what I received in my first July fix- read on for details!

First, if you are not familiar with Stitch Fix and how it works, here is a quick overview:

1. Start by filling out your style profile - you will complete all sorts of questions on sizing, pricing, style preferences, colors, etc.  

2. Order your first fix! A personal stylist will put together a box of 5 items based on your style profile.  Once your fix ships you will be charged a $20 styling fee-  however, if you keep any item [one or more] you will be credited back the $20. 

3. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back -it is so easy to return items you are not keeping in the provided postage paid envelope! 

For this fix I requested fun patterns, colored pants, and summer tops.  Here is what my stylist Natalie chose for me:

1.  Margaret M. Emer Floral Print Cropped Straight Leg Pant-  $98.00

My stylist sure listened to my request for color and patterns!  I have seen pictures online of other people wearing these pants, and looking awesome, so I really wanted to like them.  When I tried them on they were super comfortable, but the floral pattern just wasn't working for me.  It was too busy and no matter what I paired with it I just couldn't make them work without feeling like I just rolled in a rose garden.


2.  Market and Spruce Coval V-Neck Top-  $44.00

I love the colors in this top, and it is a pattern that I probably wouldn't have picked up if I were shopping on my own.  That is what I love about Stitch Fix- they have made me try things I "thought" I wouldn't like.  Turns out, I loved this top!  The fabric is super soft, and it can easily be paired with a cardigan in the fall!


3.  Market and Spruce Nolen Printed Detail Henley Tank-  $54.00

I pinned this top onto my style board, and my stylist delivered!  I don't usually request specific Stitch Fix items, but I really liked this top every time I saw someone else post it in their reviews, and really wanted one for myself.  Obviously, I love this top and am so happy my stylist sent it!


4.  Henry & Belle Abana Ankle Length Skinny Jean-  $148.00

I asked for colored pants in my note to my stylist, and she chose these.  I was kind of hoping for something a little more colorful than plain blue (seems to similar to jeans), something like turquoise, pink or green.  But, I tried them and gave them a chance.  Whoa- when they say these are "skinny jeans" they aren't kidding!  I kinda felt like I was wearing a wetsuit!  Needless to say, these weren't staying in my closet.  Plus, the day I pay $148.00 for a pair of plain basic blue pants is......well, never!


5.  Collective Concepts Rosco Floral Print Crochet Detail Tank-  $58.00

Again, my stylist listened to my request for fun patterns, color and summer tops.  However, this one just wasn't me.  I wasn't in love with the pale pink/peach color and it hung on my in an unflattering way.


I ended up keeping the Nolen top and the Coval top, and I love them both!

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  If you would like to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, I would love it if you used my referral link when you sign up!  

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Stay tuned for a review of my second July Fix!

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