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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello Greek and Latin Roots

 Spelling has always been a frustrating subject for me, as so little of it seemed to transfer over into writing and oftentimes the spelling list was a random hodgepodge of unrelated words.

So, last year I began teaching my spelling and vocabulary through Greek and Latin roots.  My students were so excited to learn "Greek and Latin", I think it made them feel very mature and studious!

I created differentiated word lists for each week of study.  Each week focuses of 2-3  related roots (for example- uni, mono, bi, du).  There are two list of 10 words, a basic list and a challenge list.  Both lists use the same roots, but the challenge list increases the spelling difficulty and uses words that will challenge students to learn more difficult vocabulary.  I introduce the roots and words on Mondays and I let the kids choose between the basic list and the challenge list.  I was worried that the kids would take the easy route and always choose the basic list, but they surprised me and most kids chose the challenge list.

I love teaching spelling and vocabulary now because I have seen a real transfer of knowledge from the Greek and Latin roots to the students spelling and figuring out meanings of unknown words.  I love it when I hear a kid say "Well, I know mal means bad, so the word must mean ....".

If you are interested in learning more about the resources I created to teach Greek and Latin roots in my classroom, visit my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

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