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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Do the Kids Say- Volume 1

Anyone who works with kids, of any age, knows that they can say the most interesting and humorous things!  I like to keep a little notebook in my desk where I can write down the cute/silly snippets of conversations I overhear or comments my students make.

Here are some of the most memorable remarks I have heard recently- What Do the Kids Say- Volume 1

Boy 1-  "Wouldn't it be funny if you were bald and you went to get a haircut?"
Boy 2-  "It would be even funnier if you were bald, but had a beard and asked for a haircut- would they cut your beard?"

During a project where kids were using Mr. Sketch markers I overheard this gem as one of my boys was doodling with multiple colors at once:
     "You could use these if you were going on your first date and you didn't have any deodorant.  Just      take a bunch of different colors and color your armpits with them.  Then you wouldn't stink on your date."

During morning meeting sharing:
     Boy:  "I just realized I have been wearing the same clothes for over 24 hours"
     Me:  "did you sleep in your clothes or something?"
     Boy:  "Yep, and I didn't even change my underwear".
     Me:  "hmmmm"

"If you smelled me after a whole weekend, you would probably die"

At this point of the year the hormones are starting to appear in 5th grade.  During snack break I overheard four of my boys chatting about girls....
     Boy #1 "Have you ever kissed a girl?"
     Boy #2 "yeah"
     Boy #1- "No, I mean a real girl, not a girl like your mom or your dog."
     Boy #2 "Well....then no"

Our yearbook committee recently gave all the kids in the school a survey to use as part of the yearbook.
One question was "What is your favorite mode of transportation?"  Answers included:
     a pegasus
     a zombie dragon
     a teleporter
     a phoenix
Another question was "What is one important lesson you have learned at school?"  My favorite answer?
     I learned that they will never be a zombie apocalypse.

There you have it folks- What Do the Kids Say- Volume 1.
I hope you enjoyed reading these tidbits as much as I enjoyed hearing them!

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